Charges filed in murder of special education teacher

10:34 AM, Oct 12, 2011   |    comments
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WILLMAR, Minn. - An 81-year-old Kandiyohi County man and his 45-year-old son stand charged with second degree murder in the death of a Twin Cities-area special education teacher over the weekend.

Prosecutors charged Delbert Huber and his son Timothy with the fatal shooting of 43-year-old Tim Larson early Saturday at Larson's parents farm in Rural Burbank Township.

Bail for Delbert Huber is set at $5 million, while bail for Timothy Huber is at $1 million.

A criminal complaint details how an argument between Larson and Delbert Huber led to the fatal shooting. Prosecutors say that the victim's father hired the Hubers to do chores on the farm while he was out of town for a wedding.

Delbert Huber told investigators that on the night of Friday, October 7th, Tim Larson showed up at the farm to hunt and was upset that the Hubers' tractor and machinery were on the farm. The men allegedly argued, and Larson ordered them off the property.

Delbert Huber also told deputies that his son Tim had $50 in his wallet that was missing, and that the men blamed Larson for stealing it. 

Despite being told not to return to the property, Tim Huber drove he and his father back to the Larson farm early Saturday morning. Delbert Huber had loaded his British Enfield rifle, reportedly telling his son they had to "defend themselves."    

The Hubers drove up to the Larson farm and Tim Huber went into the barn to check on the animals, leaving his father in the vehicle. At that point Tim Larson reportedly drove up and began arguing with Delbert Huber. Huber told investigators he thought he could scare Larson and make him give the money back by grabbing his rifle. He then allegedly told investigators he pointed the gun at Larson's chest and fired.

When questioned, Tim Huber admitted his father had him park their vehicle in a confrontational position, and said Delbert had never brought a gun in the car before. The complaint says Tim Huber was walking out of the barn when he heard the two men arguing, then heard Larson yell "you aren't supposed to be here," followed by a gunshot.

Delbert Huber called deputies around 7:30 and told them he had fatally shot a man.

Tim Larson was a veteran special education teacher at St. Michael Albertville Middle School West.  

If found guilty of second degree murder, both Delbert and Tim Huber face a possible 40 years in prison. Tim Huber also faces a charge of being an accomplice to murder after the fact.

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