Burglar swipes Christmas presents from south Mpls family

8:06 AM, Dec 22, 2011   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- The season of giving has now turned into the season of taking after burglars did their own Christmas shopping inside Kat and Jason Ottum's south Minneapolis home.

"You feel violated," says Kat.

Police in Minneapolis are investigating at least two cases this week of burglars stealing Christmas presents in south Minneapolis. The first happened Dec. 19 on the 3900 block of 11th Avenue South. The latest incident happened Tuesday afternoon on 47th Avenue South.

When Kat and her three young children returned home Tuesday evening, they didn't make it into the house. The back door was kicked in and Kat called 911.

"I could see in my window. I looked and I saw that the... light was on here and I saw the Christmas tree and all the gifts were gone," Kat said.

Burglars made off with 15 to 20 Christmas packages that were placed under the tree. Each gift was for the kids - ages 2, 6 and 8.

Now, there may not be any presents to open with just a few days left until Christmas.

"I start my Christmas shopping in August so all of this is budgeted out," said Kat.

Financial times have been tough. The Ottums moved into their current south Minneapolis home after their own went into foreclosure with Jason thousands of miles away, serving with the National Guard in Kuwait. He volunteered to go because the job market was dismal.

"For someone to come into territory that is not theirs and take, it's irksome to say the least," said Jack Jacobs, Kat's father.

Kat has her family and friends around her but she's shaken with her sense of security swiped by a criminal with no Christmas spirit who left an empty space under the tree.

"Everything was for the kids," Kat said. "Not one thing was for anybody else and you're taking from the children. Shame on you."

Some other items were also stolen from the Ottum home - a Wii, an iPod and two guns Jason keeps because he works in security when he's not deployed.
Police don't have any suspects at this point. The neighbors didn't hear anything.

Friends have set up an account for Kathryn Ottum at Bremer Bank if you're interested in helping out.

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