Will Minnesota have to pay for this weather respite?

8:31 AM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. - It's an odd sight on January 10, a packed parking lot at Como Lake, people walking and running around, some in shorts. But, when you're dealing with temperatures reaching historic highs, how can you not be out?

"It's gorgeous. You have to take advantage of it around here when you can," said Naomi Taylor who was taking in the warmth with her sister Annette Springfield.

One can't help but wonder though when the other shoe is going to drop. Minnesotans know winter will come -- meaning there's always that fear that we'll have to pay for this respite.

"Like we'll have five weeks of below zero and it will just be horribly cold and we won't want to leave the house," said Sue Doyscher as she walked around the lake with her whole family.

So, will we have to pay the price for it being so nice? Turns out -- no.

"Looking at the balance of winter, most of us don't see anything terribly traumatic happening," said Dr. Mark Seeley, Climatologist at the University of Minnesota.

Seeley says winter won't skip us. We'll see cooler temperatures and several chances for snow the rest of January and on into February, but we're not likely to get many of those sub-zero temperature readings.

Turns out we won't really have to pay for this nice weather, it's simply an anomaly, a strange year that's not likely to repeat.

But what about all those predictions they made for a colder than normal winter? Seeley says sometimes mother nature does what she wants.

"She has the final say and reminds us of that occasionally just to humiliate us," he said with a laugh. 

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