Wisconsin man is first to get new bionic hand

12:52 AM, Jan 13, 2012   |    comments
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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. -- Matt Razink lost his left hand in 2006 after he was pulled onto a rock crushing conveyer belt while working.

Since then Razink has been fitted for prosthetic after prosthetic. But on Thursday the Medford, Wisconsin man became the first U.S. civilian to be fitted for the new Michelangelo Hand. Unlike other prosthetic hands the "Michelangelo Hand" has an electric opposable thumb which allows for more movement and grasping power, according to Pat Prigge, clinical director of Advanced Arm Dynamics, who fitted Razink.

Prior to Razink the bionic hand was only available to ten soldiers who lost their hands in Iraq and Afghanistan. Razink said the hand will give him some of his life back.

"This is unlike anything I've ever used," he said.

It will take a few days of physical therapy for Razink to learn how to use his new hand. But he's already planning on helping his three kids with things they've been deprived of since his accident.

"For doing zippers or help tying shoes or anything like that it's going to be of great help," Razink said.

The hope is that in a few years other patients like him will get the same chance.

A "Michelangelo Hand" costs about $100,000.

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