Brighten up winter with colorful flowers

4:32 PM, Jan 23, 2012   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Everyone needs a little color to brighten things up during the long, dark cold days of winter. Susie Bachman, of Bachman's, joined KARE 11 to show us ways to brighten up winter. 

-Cut flowers. Create a petite bouquet. Use the wrap to cover a generic glass vase for a pop of color. Also, use a scarf or bandana to cover the vase. Petite bouquets are easy to arrange and very affordable.

-Flower garland. A vase garland might adorn any window, table, or corner. It's great with any small flower to brighten up your home.

-Tulip arrangement. Make a bold statement of color with refreshing spring look. Many varieties of tulips open quickly, but then stay in the open state for two to three more days.

-Indoor plants. Look for a "Watch 'em Grow" bulb garden, a Bachman exclusive. This was offered to the public in the mid 80's. Bachman's uses regular bulbs and cools them in the planted state, so the viability of the bulb is better than using pre-cooled bulbs which tend to stretch.

Try for some continuous color and blooming at different times for a sure sign of spring.

-Anthurium. Nothing says warm and tropical better than an anthurium. They like bright indirect light and you need to keep the soil evenly moist. If given enough indirect light anthuriums will bloom all year long

-Bromeliads. Another great room brightener during winter - native to the tropical regions of the western hemisphere.
Simple intriguing flower great for contemporary décor and they are easy to care for. They like bright indirect light and keep the rosette of foliage full of water with distilled, rainwater, or snow melt.

-Orchids. Fairly easy to care for, extremely long lasting flower
Water thoroughly and make sure the plant has good drainage. They like more humid conditions.

-Primrose. The primrose brings a small touch of spring indoors during the winter. It likes bright indirect light, evenly moist, and cool. It's a temporary indoor plant. Enjoy them while blooming and then discard. It is difficult to get them to re-bloom indoors.

-Cineraria. This is an awesome indoor plant that looks like a bouquet of flowers. The stiff bright green leaves serve as a beautiful backdrop to the vivid tight cluster of blooms. Give it bright indirect light, consistently moist, and cool temperatures. Like theprimrose, cineraria are a temporary plant.

-Cyclamen. It has a nice sweet fragrance  and is a true sign of spring.

For more information, visit Bachman's.




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