Cracked plates compromise Martin Olav Sabo bridge

10:18 AM, Feb 29, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - The bridge is compromised, but not in danger of falling. That's the word from Minneapolis city officials Tuesday when asked about the Martin Olav Sabo biking and walking bridge.

With that said, however, cracks have been found in three diaphragm plates. The plates are what hold the cables in place on a pylon which sits on top of the bridge.

Plates 8 and 9 were initially found to be cracked and now another crack has been found in Plate 5.

Crews are now working to build a device that will hold the cables up if more plates crack.

The bridge is surveyed everyday and while it's deemed safe it will be closed, likely for the summer. Mainly because city officials say it will take months to determine a cause for the cracks, figure out a fix and then implement it.

In the meantime, Highway 55 will remain open as will the light rail line. Any work that will need to be done can happen without having to shut anything down.

The cracked plates have been sent to Lehigh University for a closer inspection.

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