Shakopee enjoying 'Saturday Night Live' fame

7:46 AM, Mar 7, 2012   |    comments
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SHAKOPEE, Minn. - If you turned on the tube Saturday Night, you might have been surprised to see Shakopee, Minnesota as the focus of one of the skits.

"Shakopee got 14 inches of fresh fall, so I've got some school closings to tell you about," said actress Vanessa Bayer as the newsreader on the fictional B108.

You could take the sketch one of two ways, and the folks in Shakopee, they refuse to be the butt of the joke.

"We have to have a sense of humor about ourselves," says Mayor Brad Tabke.

Tabke says he has no idea how his town got chosen, but he's glad it did.

"This whole story and this whole narrative comes at a really good time because it's working into Spring, Summer tourism and have a lot of place in Shakopee," says Tabke.

Yes, the town has more than just 10 blinking lights, as portrayed in the skit. That aside, the mayor says the writers clearly did some homework.

"The fact that they pronounced Shakopee correctly was amazing," said Tabke.

That's not the only thing they got right.  Turns out all the schools that were named in the skit, like Eagle Creek Elementary, were all real. The teachers at Little Learner Preschool were pleased as punch to hear their name announced, but say don't pin those school closings on them.

"The other week when the other schools had the delays and late starts, we actually didn't, so it was kind of funny.," said Catherine Brown, a  teacher at Little Learner.

Fifteen minutes of fame? Maybe. But the folks in Shakopee are hoping to stretch it out a bit. The Mayor sent a letter to Loren Michaels to say thanks and give him a few suggestions to bring the skit back.

"We along with it sent some ideas for different things they can do, like the fact that we have amazing Mexican restaurants in Shakopee, and who would have ever thought that, and so the hip hop station can have commercials for our amazing Mexican Restaurants," said Mayor Tabke.

What about all that hip hop stuff? Turns out that's not that far out of reality. Every year a huge hip hop festival called Soundset takes place at Canterbury Park. This year the event is Sunday, May 27.

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