Customers say they were locked in Mpls. Super America

5:53 PM, Mar 18, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - Gas stations are all about getting customers in and getting them out.

But for those inside the Super America on Grant Street and LaSalle Avenue Friday morning, the getting out part apparently was not as easy.

"They locked us inside, all of us," said Christy Freih.

Freih and her sister Angela Roue were inside around 11 o'clock when they heard an employee yell out, "somebody stop him, grab him!"

Behind the women was an apparent thief trying to get away with stolen goods, say police.

But what happened next, these sisters still can't believe.

"They had slammed the glass shut and clicked the door locked," said Roue.

They say employees locked the door before the suspect could get out.

"We couldn't get out. I went to go push the door and the lady even said, everyone is locked in," said Freih.

All this while the employees were hiding behind the counter that was encased in protective glass, the women say.

They tell KARE 11 about 20 customers were trapped inside for about 12 minutes alongside a guy they describe as desperate.

"The best way to describe it would be like a rabid dog," said Freih. "He was just pacing, pacing, pacing."

And although they had no idea if he was armed, they say the employees were yelling at the guy.

"They kept pushing him and pushing him saying you m-f'er, we finally got you," recounted Roue.

Police arrived on scene and quickly arrested the man. Yet for customers that is far from good enough.

"We have rights. They broke our rights. They put our lives in danger. They put a lot of people's lives in danger," said Freih.

KARE 11 tried to get Super America's side of the story, but the store manager refused to comment. He told us to call the corporate number, which we did multiple times.

Each time, the woman who answered the phone said she would give our message to the 'appropriate' person but would not let us talk directly with that person or give us their name.

We did not receive a phone call back.


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