KARE 11 reporter Trisha Volpe embarks on new career

2:56 PM, Mar 31, 2012   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Her initials alone tell you Trisha Volpe was born to report on TV. In the news business, we call journalists like Trish heavy lifters.

Trisha was always willing to dig deep and tackle the toughest subject matter. She talked candidly with homeless veterans down on their luck. She spent three days inside a so-called wet house - where chronic alcoholics have seemingly given up the fight. And, she traveled to numerous pet shelters - to bring to light their plight in the tough economy.

Trisha also covered crime and courts for KARE 11. She covered the Tom Petters case from start to finish.

Her persistent investigations and tough questions won her admiration - both from her peers and throughout the industry at large.

"Smart as a whip, has been able to work a full-time job, go to law school and graduate number one in her class," described KARE 11 anchor Pat Evans.

Our friend Trisha is now entering the legal world. But before we say goodbye, there are few things we like to share about her.

"She has a wicked sense of humor, she's so much fun, and dedicated to her family as well," said Evans.

She's a Canuck and proud of it. She famously hunted down the newsroom employee who borrowed her Canadian flag without asking.

And her desk, oh my, everything is at a 90 degree angle - vintage Volpe.

Her close friend, fellow reporter Jana Shortal, wonders about her refrigerator at home.

"Nothing's going past an expiration date, not even close, and if you asked her, 'Hey Trisha, when does your mustard expire?' She would actually know the date, year, right now," said Shortal with a smile.

Trisha Volpe is thorough. It has made her an excellent news reporter. It's going to make her an excellent lawyer. But she will certainly be missed around here.

We wish her much success.

Television will still be a big part of Trisha's life - she's married to KSTP reporter Bob McNaney.

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