MN cat returns home after 5 1/2 year absence

5:15 PM, Apr 4, 2012   |    comments
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BAYPORT, Minn. - There are times that a pet's name is strangely appropriate.

Consider this one of them.

Miles the cat wanders about the Radke home in Bayport like he owns the place, surprising considering he's been away for more than five years.

He disappeared one day and did not return and owner Lindsay Radke understandably thought Miles was gone for good. That's until she got a call last weekend from a woman in Andover who had found Miles. He was in terrible condition, covered with cuts, ticks and matted fur, but alive.

The woman who found Miles took him to a vet, who discovered that Miles had a microchip that told them who he was and where he belonged.

"The woman went the extra mile.. the micro chip was a saving grace.. Never though I'd have him back to cuddle up to me and all that," said Lindsay.

Miles is recovering as he tries to adjust to a whole new landscape. When he ran away from Lindsay's house it was just him and her. Today the house is full with Lindsay's fiancee Cory, her son Braydon, and another cat named Teenie. Still, he seems unfazed, just like old times.

"It seems that he's not at all uncomfortable," Lindsay laughed.

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