7th grader grabs wheel of bus after driver emergency

8:16 AM, Apr 10, 2012   |    comments
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MILTON, Wash. - A 7th grade boy and his friend are being hailed as heroes after gaining control of their school bus and pulling it over after the driver suffered a medical emergency.

Jeremy Wuitschick was one of them. He climbed on the bus Monday after a week of vacation expecting another dull day. "It's just after spring break and nobody wants to go to school," he recalled.

Instead, he soon found himself in the middle of a rolling mess that would make him the talk of the school. It became apparent that something was wrong with the man behind the wheel of the bus Jeremy was riding in. "The bus driver starts convulsing, his eyes are bulging... making weird rasping noises and his hands are twitching..."

Investigators say the man was suffering what appeared to be some kind of seizure, and the bus was rolling down the road out of control.

The 7th grader recalls thinking he wasn't ready to die, so he sprang into action. "Grabbed the wheel, I turned to the the right. Turned it to the side of the road. Took the keys out of the ignition. We started slowing down and I said somebody call 911."

His classmates are calling him a hero, and way better than that, his principal is promising extra snacks.

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