Christi Rowan Hecker gives exclusive interview to Minnesota Monthly

11:02 AM, May 18, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - Tim Gihring, a senior editor with Minnesota Monthly magazine didn't want to sit down with Denny Hecker for an interview, he wanted answers from Mrs. Hecker number five, Christi Rowan-Hecker.

"Well I was always interested in the woman's point of view in this, you know, who marries Denny Hecker on his way down?" Gihring said of his exclusive interview with Rowan-Hecker.

In next month's issue of Minnesota Monthly Christi Rowan-Hecker is candid and in her own words described how she and Denny met, their courtship and eventual marriage which happened via phone as Denny Hecker was already serving his 10 year prison term for bankruptcy fraud when he said I do to Christy.

"She told me that she wanted to stand by her truth and she wanted to show that you don't leave someone just because he is on the way down," Gihring said.

Rowan Hecker even shared a photo of Denny with the magazine that he sent to her while he was in the Duluth Prison.

She shared dozens of Hecker's handwritten letters to her that she says he writes daily often musing about how lucky his is to have her in his life and citing scripture in ways he feels it applies to him.

In one letter he said, "God's closest followers all did prison time."

"She told me that there is nothing I can be embarrassed by any more, I married Denny Hecker and I believe she feels she has hit bottom and from now on she can be serene," Gihring said.

Rowan Hecker agreed to let the magazine photograph her with her children at her home in the western suburbs and she says she holds a full time job and her kids are in parochial school.

She also was very forthcoming about the Denny Hecker she knew early on, saying she knew his way with women.

"She knew there were many others and she asked him at one point to make a list of the women you have been with in Minneapolis so I don't run into them," Gihring said.

But woven throughout the interview is Rowan's claim that this relationship with a man whose fame almost instantly became infamy isn't false or fleeting and speaks openly about the fact that Denny Hecker is for better or for worse, her husband for life.

The full article is in the June issue of Minnesota Monthly that is out on newsstands this week.

Meanwhile, Denny Hecker has moved to another prison. This is his fourth prison move in just 15 months. Hecker was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for fraud. He began serving his time in Duluth, Minnesota then moved to a prison in Oxford, Wisconsin. Hecker then moved to Terre Haute, Indiana and now he's at a facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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