Minn. Hospital Association disagrees with hospital grades

5:59 PM, Jun 6, 2012   |    comments
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EDINA, Minn. - The Minnesota Hospital Association is concerned about a new report released Wednesday that grades hospitals across the nation, including some in Minnesota.

The ranking, completed by non-profit The Leapfrog Group, gave 17 Minnesota hospitals an A, 16 received a B and 13 got a C. No D's or F's were handed out to Minnesota hospitals.

Dr. Ashish Jha with Harvard Medical School consulted with The Leapfrog Group on the report. He said the grades are based on data submitted from hospitals and from Medicare on things like infections, medication mix-ups and injuries.

Data on hospital safety is abundant and can be confusing and the rankings are supposed to help condense information. However, Wendy Burt, a spokesperson for the Minnesota Hospital Association, said the organization has some concerns about how grades were handed out. Burt said the way data was analyzed there may not be much of a difference between an A or C.

Brad Beard, president of Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, which got an A, said the report should be used as a tool when patients are deciding which hospital to go to. But it shouldn't be the only tool.

"Talk to your physicians. I think the physicians are often well informed," Beard said. "They can give you a lot of good information around what hospitals you should go to but I think also looking at the public reported data and also feel free to call the hospital and ask them, tell me about your infection rate, tell me about how many falls you've had those types of things I think is a great way to find out about the hospital and the care that's provide there."

Diane Rydrych with the Minnesota Department of Health said the state continues to be a leader in healthcare safety and quality. In fact, she said, Minnesota was the first state to implement a system to report adverse heath events. The most recent adverse health events report showed a steady decline in hospital medical mistakes.

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