Finding healthy foods at State Fair

10:10 PM, Aug 25, 2012   |    comments
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FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. - It's common knowledge that most people who go to the fair, indulge in deep fried and sugary snacks.

But maybe that's not your thing. Maybe you want to eat healthy at the fair. Well, guess what? You can. And you don't have to traipse all over the fairgrounds to find a healthy meal.

North Memorial wants to help you eat healthy.
It has a Healthy Weight Loss Blog which has a list of healthy state fair foods.

Get weighed or get a blood glucose screening in the Health Fair 11 building and you'll get a QR code to the list.

There are a bunch of healthy options in just the food building alone.

Sam Parotti's family owns the Fish and Chips booth. He said, "People have come and they've asked 'So, do you have anything that's not deep fried?' And we tell them we have grilled shrimp and they seem to enjoy it."

The grilled shrimp on a stick at Fish and Chips makes the healthy fair foods list as do the wraps at That's a Wrap.

It's no surprise that a place called Veggie Pie has healthy food too, like frozen fruit on a stick and salads, like the Asian salad.

Also on the list are the popular fish tacos at San Felipe Tacos, which have tilapia, cabbage and mango salsa.

Michael Wentzein of San Felipe Tacos said, "I have people who work at the fair who get one every day because you can only get them twelve days out of the year."

But if you're still lured by some greasy goodness, North Memorial's family physician Dr. Doris Tran-Stoebe said you can have some. She said, "Buy one serving and share with the whole family so everyone has a little taste, which is what it is, the taste."

And that way you can be healthy and still indulge a little at the fair.

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