Motivation Monday: Get back on track with your fall fitness

7:45 AM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. - When summer ends, it's often the end of a more relaxed time of year. The kids are back in school, gone are endless summer cookouts and schedules can get increasingly hectic. When fall begins, everyone knows the holidays are just around the corner.

Forget about January, September is the month to get back on your fitness track!

Fitness expert Chris Freytag and Jen Sinkler, Editorial Director for fitness content and Experience Life magazine, joined KARE 11 Sunrise to help you get back on track this fall season.

Think of getting back into your fitness routine as your first day of school and follow these steps:

  • Assess- assess your schedule and yourself; September is a great time to once again make time for yourself and assess your level of fitness Assess your overall health by measuring your waist-to-hip ratio. (This is a more accurate measure of health for individuals than BMI.) Assess your strength by taking a 60-sec. pushup test; men assigned to do toe pushups, women to do knee pushups
    Assess your cardiovascular fitness by taking a 3-minute step test
    These are just basic test-yourself methods. If you want to dig in deeper, there are plenty more tests you can seek out. Examples: you can do blood testing (for standard markers, plus more in depth Omega 3s, chronic inflammation, etc.), VO2 max test (also for cardio fitness), and so on.
  • Connect- Find ways to re-establish that emotional high toward your goals and keep the momentum going; sign up for an event or join a new group fitness class that will help you stay motivated
  • Refresh- refresh your workout by trying a variety of new workouts
    Generally speaking, you want your workout to have push, pull, bend, squat, lunge, twist, lunge and carry components, but we're all busy people, so you don't want to be in the gym the whole day, so you want to do some combination lifts to build strength in a number of those ways, AND, if you do them quickly or with a substantial amount of weight, also build your cardio capacity.
    I'll take you through a kettlebell workout that won't take more than 10 minutes, but is the kind of thing that will get you really fit, really fast. And, you just need one kettlebell. Exercises to include:
    1. Superhero takeoffs. This is a two-handed clean from the ground (two-handed so there's no technical proficiency necessary) into a squat into standing overhead press. Lot's of bang for your buck. 10 reps.
    2. Bent-over rows. Because most of us tend to sit typing at desks for long stretches of time, we definitely want to include pulling exercises to get that chest open and shoulders back so we have good posture. Many trainers like to see more pulling than pushing exercises in a routine for that very reason. 10 reps each side.
    3. Crawls. Gets your heart rate up, develops coordination and strength endurance, and even makes you smarter through cross-patterning in the brain. Across the room and back several times.
    Go through the circuit three times, get on with your day.

More info on the Lifetime Fitness online test.

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