Threat of chicken dance stops dirty dancing at Wis. high school

9:29 AM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
Photo courtesy Sheboygan Press
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SHEBOYGAN, Wis. - School officials who had enough of inappropriate dancing' at Sheboygan North's homecoming halted the festivities and warned students it would be canceled if they didn't clean it up.

A group of students began chanting obscenities at Principal Jason Bull when he took the stage at Saturday's dance. Bull told students that if they didn't practice better dance etiquette and be more respectful the lights would stay on, the chicken dance song would repeatedly be played the rest of the night or the dance could end.

Principal Bull said the homecoming dance began "fairly well" but as the night progressed and crowds increased, the amount of inappropriate dancing also increased.

"There seemed to be a shift in students' response – some students, not all – from being cooperative to making a mockery of the expectations, and being disrespectful to chaperones and administrators (at the dance)," Bull told the Sheboygan Press.

 Although Bull did not say how many students were in the problem group, he said there were enough that "it made it difficult to supervise" and enough to negatively impact the dance.

The four administrators present at the dance stepped into the hallway to discuss the best course of action for the students and decided that at the completion of the next song, the lights would be turned on and a pre-written statement would be read to the students.

The Sheboygan Press says there's an ongoing effort to clean up the dance floor at Sheboygan North. The dance capped a week of activities and celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of the school.

The dance resumed as planned following the warning.

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