Former KFAN radio host Jeff Dubay relives drug-fueled downfall

9:08 PM, Oct 25, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - For a year and a half former KFAN radio talk show host Jeff Dubay has been recovering from a drug addiction.

The addiction started one night in the fall of 2007 when Dubay was not looking for trouble, but trouble found him in St. Paul.

"Somebody throws some crack on a kitchen table; I've never seen it. I asked him, and this is embarrassing and how stupid I was. I said, 'What is that?' He said, 'It's rock.' I didn't say this out loud, but my first thought was, 'Thank God it's not crack.' That's how dumb I was. That's how naïve I was," says Dubay.

In October 2008, Dubay was arrested for possession of crack cocaine. He lost his job at KFAN and dropped out of the public eye for over two and a half years. Dubay says that during that time he was still using the drug and failed rehabilitation three times.

"When I went to treatment, I didn't go to treatment to learn. I went to join the debate team. I went there and said, 'This is garbage; this is stupid; I'm going to do it my way.'  My way took longer, hurt more and just wasn't a fun way to do it," says Dubay.

Dubay says that his method was essentially to lock himself in his apartment from March 2011 through the summer.

"If that door's locked and I don't leave this room, I know there's nothing in here that can hurt me," says Dubay, "There's no dealer under the bed, no eight-ball in the closet, just basic, stupid, simple logic."

Dubay's unconventional rehabilitation was successful and he has been clean of the drug for a year and a half.  He leaves his apartment now to tell his story to anyone who will listen. Today he is spreading the word with a $100-a-plate fundraiser for Emma Norton Services in St. Paul.

"If there's somebody standing over a kitchen table ever like I was that one night thinking, 'This is harmless for one time or one day,' I'm going to come and try to scare the hell out of you and make sure you know it's not okay for that one day," says Dubay.

Dubay says trouble can find other people easier than they may think.

"You're not just jumping into the pool that you can climb out when you're ready. You're going through a hole in the ice and you're going to be scrambling to find your way out of it. I just want people to know how god-awful it is," he says.

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