Former Edina student takes on bullies with documentary

11:00 PM, Oct 28, 2012   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. -- When Alec Fischer speaks everyone listens.

The 18-year-old isn't a stranger when it comes to giving advice on bullies. He's been dealing with it since middle school.

"I was bullied really badly in middle school. Rumors running around that I was gay so I got a lot of crap for that," Fischer said.

But bullies couldn't keep the Edina High School alum down.

"I knew I had to be strong so that I could support my friends that were going through a lot worse things than what I was experiencing," he said.

Fischer decided to support other kids too. During his senior year in high school Fischer started "Minnesota Nice," a documentary about school bullies. He traveled to ten schools interviewing real students about real bullies. 

Today, he's a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. But what he started in high school has blossomed into a force for change.

The film has been shown 15 times around the state. It made its official YouTube debut on Sunday. The goal is help students help each other. The message was heard loud and clear by several students who saw the movie during a showing in St. Louis Park. 

"I think if someone were to come to me I'd help them and give them advice or say go to a teacher and ask for help," Anika Hanson, a middle school student said.

"We talk about being nice to everybody and being respectful to everybody but I think this brought it home to a whole new level because it's really happening," Erica Dudley, also a middle school student, said.

Since he made the documentary Fischer said his inbox has been flooded with emails from people thanking him for making the moving and saving their lives.

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