Bachmann, Graves clash over issues in 1st debate

11:02 PM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
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Jim Graves and Michele Bachmann
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  • ST. CLOUD, Minn. - In a race between a sitting lawmaker and one hoping to take the seat, the differences are stark. Case in point, the contest for the 6th Congressional District seat between Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and businessman Jim Graves.

    The incumbent races on her record.

    "I've delivered and I am extremely proud of what I've done," Congresswoman Bachmann told a crowd of about 12-hundred people Tuesday in St. Cloud during her debate with Graves.

    The one ready to unseat her, Graves, races on promises he vows to keep.

    "These are not red and blue issues, these are needs, common needs that bring people together and someone here has to create jobs and not just create headlines," Graves said.

    To say the contest between Congresswoman Bachmann and Jim Graves was heated is putting it mildly, while Bachmann touted her work on getting a deal for a new bridge in Stillwater, Graves took her down, saying she did next to nothing.

    "I give you credit, Senator Klobuchar did all the heavy lifting and you were there," Graves said with a patronizing tone.

    On the issue of Obama's health care act, Bachmann called Graves a 'flip flopper.'

    "He said he would campaign on it, well he can't have it two ways, and say one thing on liberal TV and then do another, you have to be consistent," Bachmann directed at Graves.

    Graves bit back saying his whole truth is he likes some of Obama's plan, not all.

    "Michelle can you read my lips please? I said there were good things in the bill but the heavy lifting has just begun."

    Clearly, there are differences between she who holds the seat, and he, who seeks it.

    Bachmann and Graves will debate twice more before election day, neither of those debates are open to the public.

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