25 years later, friends ready to cheer on Madonna again

10:20 PM, Nov 2, 2012   |    comments
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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. - When Madonna last played in St. Paul, she did it when everyone looked real, real good.

It was 1987, 25 years ago, at the St. Paul Civic Center.

Laura Hoag and Ruth Yurick remember it well. They were 19 years old at that show.

They had just wrapped up freshman year at St. Ben's and made the road trip in, even though they were relegated to the cheap seats.

That was until they heard something on the way down on radio station WLOL about a banner contest to win seats up front.

"We somehow got it together and we spent the afternoon in the parking garage," the two said Friday night.

They dressed up a ratty bunch of fabric in that parking garage and it made for an impressive sign.

"We went from section 214 seats to row one, seats one and two," Hoag said smiling like it was just yesterday.

The rest is history. They sat in front and had a night they would never forget.

History was where they both thought that memory would stay, until now.

"I think it will be fun to relive what we went through 25 years ago," Yurick said thinking of the Madonna show the two will go see this weekend, two and a half decades after the first.

"This is an opportunity for us to celebrate us," Yurick said.

Seems just like the material girl herself, some folks never age.

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