Meet the coach behind Timberwolves' Brandon Roy

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SEATTLE - When Brandon Roy was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves back in 2006, there might not have been anyone more disappointed than Wayne Floyd.

"So I'm sitting at the draft party," recalled Floyd, Roy's old high school coach. "And I'm saying 'Minnesota is so far and so cold.'"

Floyd was the longtime high school basketball coach at Garfield High School in Seattle, a school with a storied hoop past.

"The history of Garfield in basketball is so rich and incredible," says Floyd." And back when I was in high school if you weren't absolutely one of the best in the city, you didn't go to Garfield because you weren't going to be able to play."

No question about whether Brandon Roy would play; he was that good. He made the Garfield team as a sophomore, beginning a player-coach relationship that would stand the test of time.

"I still remember the day he told me I was gonna [sic] be on varsity my sophomore year," recalls Roy. "I was really excited. But you know he didn't just tell me that I was on the team, he told me that I had to carry myself with maturity off the court and that is something that I have always tried to take with me."

Wayne Floyd is a bit famous in this community. Though he no longer coaches at Garfield he still can't go far without seeing a familiar face. And that's saying something because this school of about 2000 students has a star studded list of alumni in sports and pop culture.

"We're talking Jimmy Hendrix, Quincy Jones," says Floyd.

Still, when Floyd met Brandon Roy there was a feeling he had someone even more special on his hands.

"His junior year we went to the state tournament," remembers Floyd. "Seamus Boxer who is playing overseas right now, he's 6 foot 8, 6 foot 9 and Brandon drove baseline. Seamus came over from the help side to swat it. Brandon just kept going up and going up and going up and dunked on him. And I kind of like said 'Wow...did I just see that?'."

Years later, Roy and Floyd still remain close

"I just tell him 'You shot that like I shoot it now. You are shooting it like coach Floyd.'"

"You know he still jokes around," says Roy. "But you know Floyd can still play a little too."

"I do just like to rib him and keep in touch and let him know that we care about him and that we're behind him," Floyd mused. "He obviously doesn't need my coaching anymore"

He may not "need" his old coach, but Brandon Roy knows he might not be where he is today without the stuff he learned back at Garfield.

"Be a good player but be a good person too, and those are some of the lessons he taught me," says Roy.

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