Hostess fans gobble up goodies after news of closure

8:38 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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NEW HOPE, Minn. - Wonder Bread, Twinkies and Cupcakes flew off the shelves at the Hostess Outlet Bakery in New Hope.

"I've got stuff for my brother, nephew and stuff for the house," chuckled Cindy Durant from Crystal. "I mean, I grew up on Hostess products."

News that the Texas-based company is shutting down production brought customers to outlets across the metro to "stock up" on their favorite snacks knowing that many might never come back.

"I ate them when I was a kid and now my daughter eats them," said Hal Creten. "They're an American institution."

Due to a dispute with union workers, Hostess announced that it will stop production immediately. Hostess employees have been on strike since last week fighting for better pay and benefits, but company executives said they couldn't survive a strike.

The announcement means Hostess will cut 18,000 jobs.

"I wish there's a way to work it out," says Cindy. "Hostess is an icon."

An outside company could buy up some of the popular names Hostess has made famous, but executives say no buyer has come forward.

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