Circulars a popular tool in Black Friday shopping

6:53 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - A quick glance around a crowded Best Buy store on Black Friday and you would notice that most shoppers were armed with ads.

Sure they had credit cards and mobile phones, but those were often tucked away. The number one weapon of choice on this day was a thin pamphlet with pictures and numbers.

You wouldn't believe how many shoppers were clutching circulars.

"I would say 50/50 (customers with ads). We get a good number of people that come in with them," Best Buy Store Manager Mike Ersfeld.

"I'd say it's a necessary evil right now," Minneapolis shopper Mike Peckenschneider said.

Yep, those ads are newspaper stuffing that is now a huge part of the annual Turkey Day tradition.

"How many pounds did the paper weigh? Not as much as we ate for Thanksgiving dinner," one shopper joked.

Just how big was that paper?

"It was huge, right? It was very thick!" Peckenschneider said.

We weighed Thursday's Pioneer Press and it tipped the scales at about 3.5 pounds. Surprisingly, the advertisements only numbered in the 30s, but there were some mini-novels in there.

One of the Macy's ads was 50 pages, JCPenney and Kmart put out 48 pagers and Sears offered 64 glossy pages.

The Star Tribune's print manager tells KARE 11 their Thursday addition was a whopper, but says it only ranks in the top 5 compared to papers from the rest of the year. He explained the Sunday prior to Mother's Day usually tops the size chart.

"It was good. I mean it was a good quantity. It was what I expected," Black Friday shopper Jo Crosby said.

She would know. She spent a couple hours going through the newspaper the night before and she carried a plastic bag full of circulars as shopped the next day.

"I have another bag in the car," she pointed out.

It seems sorting through the hundreds and hundreds of pages of circulars was a daunting, yet worthwhile task.

"I just kind of weed through them very quickly which ones I want to zero in on and which ones I have no intention of going to. I just pick the top 2 or 3," Peckenschneider explained.

Like a good Thanksgiving dinner, you can never get enough fixings. And if you missed some of those great Black Friday deals, have no fear, you can still get your fix.

The Star Tribune's print manager says the next two Sunday papers will also offer an almost equal amount of ads to sort through.

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