Small Business Saturday gets shoppers to think local

7:29 PM, Nov 24, 2012   |    comments
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EXCELSIOR, Minn. - On Saturday morning, shopping goes back to its old groove, at least for a day for the third annual Small Business Saturday.

"You can help your neighbor. They can help you, buy from each other," Dave Evans, owner of Minnetonka Music said.

That's the way it is on Water Street in downtown Excelsior every day.

Almost every shop is locally owned and locally operated.

"Small businesses mean that you are going to get what you can't get at the malls, great conversations, a nice smile, wrapping the gifts and knowing the families," said Donna Winebrenner, manager of the gift store Capers.

Small Business Saturday is the rogue respite, nestled between the gluttons of commerce in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The idea started up in 2010 when American Express started the concept. It's simple, get people to spend only at the mom and pops for 24 hours.

If you care about your community, this makes sense.

What you spend with the locals, the locals then spend back.

"Every dollar that is spent in a small community for an independent, a bookstore, any of them more of the money stays right there in the community," said co-owner of Excelsior Bay Books Ellie Temple.

If you buy a book from Ellie, Ellie has money to spend over at Donna's gift shop, or Dave's music store.

It's giving back at the same time you are getting a good. It just makes plain old fashioned sense.

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