Bloomington Kennedy senior masters multi-tasking

BLOOMINGTON, Minn - Bloomington Kennedy senior Alyssa Erding is not hard to find. If you go to her class you'll find her front and center, and completely engaged in whatever the lesson might be.

"When I was younger my parents would always push me like, Oh, you know you can do good, you can get good grades, you have a good brain, you are smart, you can do this", says Alyssa. "OK, so, it was kind of expected of me to get A's for a while, then I came to expect it of myself and it wasn't that hard, so."

So, Alyssa started getting A's and she hasn't stopped since.
Says Alyssa, "I love this school, I wouldn't, couldn't choose a better place to go. I mean, I'm sure other schools are great but I love it here, I love the community, I love how diverse everyone is, I love that, for the most part we get along with people and if you don't, you just don't need to associate with them. It's fine, I love it, I really do."

And it shows. 5th in a class of 400, Alyssa is the definition of the word "involved". Student government senior class co-president, vice-president of the National Honor Society, 2-time math team captain, 2-time Science Olympiad captain, a member of the quizbowl team, and, captain for varsity softball. Somehow, in the midst of all that, Alyssa found time to participate in dance and to perform hundreds of hours volunteering. It's not that she can't slow down, it's just that Alyssa Erding doesn't want to.

"I just really like to be around people and doing things and I love organizing", says Alyssa. "I just love organizing things and especially being with friends, hanging-out and doing something that's not going to get me in trouble. So, it's a lot of fun."

Alyssa plans to attend Macalaster college in the fall, and it won't be hard to find her there, either. Alyssa plans to play softball, while pursuing degrees in pre-med, and education.


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