Close call on school bus investigated

Scary school bus incident in central Minnesota

ISANTI, Minn. - A central Minnesota school district is investigating after a scary incident on a school bus was captured on cell phone video. 

A student recorded the moment Thursday afternoon as the bus stopped in the median of Highway 65 just south of Isanti, with the tail end hanging out and blocking oncoming lanes of traffic. Students screamed as vehicles approached at highway speed, veering into the right lane to avoid running into the bus. 

"I had three kids on that but that were all terrified and worried the driver didn't care," said one mother in an email to KARE 11. "My kids did not ride that bus today."

"My 15-year-old was sitting right in front of the girl in the video. He came home shaking and told me that he just almost died," emailed another mom. 

Both women said their children refused to get on the bus Friday morning, and were driven to school instead. 

The mother of the student who videotaped the incident posted it on Facebook, and asked people to share. As of Friday morning, 121,000 people viewed the video, and nearly 3,400 shared it. 

A man that was driving south on Highway 65 when he saw the bus blocking the road was so rattled he posted his account of what happened on Facebook. 

That bus had no business being stopped in that median, an the fact that he pulled into it while another vehicle was already there is downright stupid... I get that buses are big, I own and operate a trucking company, we know what big is! This driver was careless and reckless with students on board. I had my window partially open and I heard those kids screaming. 

Transportation Director for the Cambridge-Isanti School District released a statement to KARE 11 about the incident, one that was sent home to parents of children on the bus. 

Cambridge-Isanti Schools was made aware of an unfortunate situation on Thursday evening involving a bus that was forced to stop in an intersection due to a driver in front of the bus stopping unexpectedly.  The District continues to investigate the situation and will take appropriate action as the facts of the case are determined.  Cambridge-Isanti Schools does put student safety as a top priority and will continue to work with all staff, including bus drivers, to ensure everything is done to keep student safety an essential part of what we do each and every day.  If you have any questions you may contact:

Jeff Allen, Transportation Director

Parents confirmed that a substitute driver was at the wheel of that bus Friday morning. KARE 11 will be following up on this story throughout the day. 


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