$5K reward tied to MN gun shop burglary

Burglars steal more than 80 guns from shop

MILLVILLE, Minn. -- In exactly one minute, a group of thieves entered a small town gun store and made off with 60-80 guns. Now, the Wabasha County Sheriff and the shop's owner are looking for help tracking them down.

“They didn’t care if anybody seen them or not," said Keith Shones, who owns Millville Rod & Gun. "They were ready for a fire fight.”

Shones showed KARE 11 his surveillance video from the weekend, which shows two men burst in through the front door. One immediately jumps the counter and begins grabbing guns from the wall and display case. The other fills a backpack with ammunition.

"This guy takes his elbow, busts right through the glass," Shones said, pointing out the second case the thieves broke into. "Starts grabbing handguns out by the handful like that."

Two burglars appear to be assisted by another person with a gun who can be seen standing at the door.

Though their time inside was short, they clearly spent much more time outside. Shones discovered damage and tampering to all of his barred windows. He also found his cable cords, which carry internet and telephone, melted by a torch.

The same torch was likely used to cut the bars and metal grate on the front door where they gained access.

"You can see them torching on that door for 45 minutes," Shones said.

Shones quickly replaced and reinforced his broken door and it's not just to secure his business. His home is directly attached.

"From where we're standing right now to my kitchen is about 24 feet away," Shones said. "My wife was getting ready, she was out of the shower, dressed, ready to go to work. If she would have walked out to her car, maybe they would have gotten startled and shot."

Now, he's worried about 86 of his guns being used to commit any number of crimes.

"Biggest concern is that these guns hit the street," Shones said. "These guns didn't ask to get stolen, they didn't ask to shoot somebody else."

Shones says he's not worried about the thieves coming back. He takes pride in defending his business himself and several signs inside and outside let customers know that he would rather take matters into his own hands than call 911.

"By the time I grabbed my assault rifle and started coming through the door, they were already gone," Shones said. "If they come back, maybe next time they won't be so lucky, so that's something we're hoping for."

The Wabasha County sheriff's office is asking anyone with information on the burglary or who saw any suspicious behavior or vehicles to call 651-565-3361.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the recovery of stolen firearms or the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the burglary. 


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