Vigil held for 9-year-old Minneapolis shooting victim

MINNEAPOLIS - On Mother's Day, gunfire rang out near Gary Brudelie's south Minneapolis home.

Police say a 9-year-old was caught in the crossfire from the shooing on the 4200 block of Irving Avenue North.

"It is very frightening to me. I raised three kids here and we even had day care in the home," Brudelie said.

Brudelie said the violence in his neighborhood has gotten so bad, he and his wife are thinking about moving. The latest episode happened in an alley near his home.

The accused, Dionte Hill and Myles Ray Estes, have been charged with first-degree assault. A police report says Hill lured a woman to an alley on Irving Avenue. The report says Hill told the woman it was "an emergency" and that he was locked out of the house. The child's mother told police Hill wanted to know whether she had damaged a car belonging to a female acquaintance. The woman denied the damage. Soon after, the woman told police she saw Estes running toward her car. Estes is accused of breaking the car's windows with a brick and shooting at the woman as she drove off. Four children were in the car.

As the shots were fired, police say one of the small children began to scream that she could not see. Turns out, the little girl, has a very serious injury due to glass shards lodging in her eye. Police say the 9-year-old may have also received a glancing bullet wound to her head.

Fed up with the violence, some Minneapolis residents protested the violence Friday evening at the corner of Penn and Broadway. They chose that intersection because of previous violent acts in the area. Some held signs with the message, "Don't Shoot."

Curtina Wilson, 13, held a sign saying, "Don't shoot, I want to live."

The organizer of the protest, KG Wilson, addressed residents in the area with a blow horn. Some drivers rolled their windows down at the stop light to hear his message. Others honked their horns. And some, rolled up their windows to block out the noise.

"Enough is enough," Wilson said as cars passed by. "We have an innocent little girl in the hospital right now that didn't have anything to do with this shooting. They are trying to save her eye."

No one from the child's family was at the small gathering. The injured child's birthday was Wednesday.


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