Dog walks 20 blocks to visit owner in hospital

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - A dog in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is proof of the incredible bond that can develop between humans and their canines.

Sissy the miniature schnauzer escaped her home and walked 20 blocks, right into the hospital where her owner was recovering from cancer surgery.

"Set the door off, she got in by herself too," said Nancy Franck. "So she was on a mission.

Nancy's husband Bucko was letting Sissy and her brother Barney out to do their business when Sissy bolted. Bucko called Animal Control fearing that the couple's little 10-year-old dog wouldn't make it home. Four hours later he got a call from the hospital.

"Then I get a call from Mercy security," recalled Dale. "They say 'we have a little dog here.'"

No one knows how Sissy found the hospital, but she walked right into the lobby and was wandering the halls looking for Nancy.

"Do you think it was just a coincidence that she randomly walked to this hospital? Nope. she was on a mission," insisted Nancy's daughter Sarah Wood. "The way she walked into the hospital, she was on a mission, she was determined to do something and she was going to do it."

"It's amazing and it's God's wish that we got her back," said Bucko. "What else can you say?"

Hospital security brought Missy up to Nancy's room for a quick visit, which was good medicine for both of them.


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