Eco-friendly pavers help shape KARE 11 Backyard

GOLDEN VALLEY - The crushed granite rocks just installed in the KARE 11 Backyard are a big deal.

They serve as the foundation for the permeable pavers that will form the newly designed patio area.

"These rocks are your reservoir, so that's what holds your water," Gene Karjala, of Anchor Block Company, said. "So as rain comes down, it acts as your reservoir so the water can collect in the pockets between the stones."

From there the water soaks in to the ground instead of flowing into the wastewater system.

"It's much more environmentally friendly (than asphalt or regular pavers)," Karjala emphasized. "It's actually one of the greener things that you can do."

When it comes to the pavers themselves, permeable is the key word. Gaps between the pavers allow rain water to seep through into the rock base below.

"It comes with these spacers automatically built in to the paver. And by butting these up against the units next to it it creates roughly a 1/2 inch gap between your units," says Karjala.

The gaps are filled with smaller crushed granite and the water can penetrate through. It can handle a lot of water. The patio will be able to accommodate 374 inches of rain per hour without standing water puddles.


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