Kimball students give up cell phones to avoid final exam

KIMBALL, Minn. - Instead of a final test, high school students in Kimball turned in their smart phones and other devices for one full week, day and night.

"It gets to the point where they're on them constantly and most of them are playing games and that kind of stuff," explained first year math teacher Katie Pettit.

At Kimball Area High School, students can have their phones and it's left up to the individual teachers to decide the rules.

On Monday, Pettit offered her 70 or so students a choice, hand in your phone for a week and she would not hand out a final exam.

As you can imagine, all but a few signed on, with cell phone signals stuck in a box for a week.

"Let's check what's going on, on Twitter or something, Instagram," smiled student Ariel Laabs. "I'm like, 'Oh, I don't have my phone. I can't.'"

It didn't take long for some students to improvise, junior Jake Leither misses his hundreds of downloaded songs and now uses a Walkman cassette player to listen to his tunes.

"No final, that's the best thing about it," said Laabs. "I will give up my phone for a year if I could get a good grade in math."

While the grade is important, the students also learned one of life's other equations, students minus phones equals ...

"We're so busy trying to record our life that we miss our life," said Bridgette Anderson.

"I think I won't use my phone as much. It's kind of changed," said Laabs.

Instead of the final, students are required to complete more assigned work than normal.

Additionally, if the students hand in all of their assignments, Pettit agreed to turn over her phone.


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