Fans get acclimated to new Vikings' surroundings

A new era in Vikings football got underway on Friday as the team took over TCF Bank Stadium.

MINNEAPOLIS - A new era in Minnesota Vikings football got underway on Friday and it even though it was a preseason game, it got off to a good start.

On the field, the Vikings defeated the Raiders 10-6, but it was the atmosphere and some key changes that got the attention of fans at the TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota campus.

"We've been doing this for 50 years," said 73-year-old Bernie Nelson.

Nelson is sharing a set of new firsts with his pal, Ernie. The two met in high school and at graduation Bernie became a season-ticket holder, but until Friday, they'd never seen a game at TCF Bank Stadium.

Bernie and Ernie appreciated the extra room when it came to finding your seat, but they did have a little trouble finding their section.

The Bank will hold about 1,700 extra seats to accommodate a professional sports team. There were plenty of lines, but that wasn't necessarily the fault of the stadium.

Some people in the crowd waited in line over an hour because they forgot about NFL limits on the size and type of bags brought into stadiums.

Some people tossed their bags in the trash.

"I am upset that my purse which is small, I can't bring it into the stadium so I have to walk back to my car and put it in my truck. It's annoying," one fan said.

Others checked their totes at the M Arena and grabbed a beer on the way in, but the fans that have had season tickets more than 50 years don't mind the temporary home.

"Ain't nothing wrong with this!" exclaimed Bernie Nelson.

He added that it's a lot warmer than it was at the old Met. But knowing Minnesota, that won't last for long.\


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