Farmers hope for dry weather ahead

Farmers hoping for drier weather for harvest.

No doubt it's been a rainy season so far. And for the most part that's been great for crops, but from here on out, farmers are hoping for dry weather.
"It's pretty wet out there for us to get back on schedule. All summer long we've been about three weeks behind where we'd like to be," says farmer Justin Gregor of Highview-G Holsteins.
Despite a spring freeze, a couple rounds of hail damage and of course an abundance of rain, the corn is looking great.
"It's got decent size ears on it. You know, the kernels and stuff are deep," he explains
Getting the crop out of the field is the problem now. Equipment gets stuck and damaged in the thick mud. Plus, harvesting a wet field has lasting effects for next season.
Gregor continues, "When you mud up the field, when you cut it up running heavy stuff through there it wrecks the field. You pack it down and it kind of wrecks it for the next year."
On the flip side, leaving the corn standing exposes new vulnerabilities.
"With all the rain, the roots haven't had to grow deep into the ground," Gregor explains, demonstrating by yanking out a corn stalk. "The ground is so saturated it's kind of softer. If we have strong winds, it could just blow the corn right over."
The balance of waiting for fields to dry but not harvesting too late is a tricky one.
"If you can't get it out, get the crop out of the field when it dries, it will start dropping ears on the ground and you'll lose yield," says Gregor.
Everything now comes down to Mother Nature and what happens in the next month.


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