Flooded out: Tips on when to call the professionals

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. - From Mankato this week to Edina earlier this month, the deluge has kept many of us waterlogged.

"We're extremely busy," said Rod Peddycoart with Summit Interior Care and Restoration in White Bear Lake. "Probably 500 percent more, it's five times more than normal, all day long."

He wasn't too busy to give us some tips that could make our lives a lot easier if flooding unfortunately becomes our fate.

"The key is to get it dry within 48 hours of the loss," said Peddycoart.

And if you can do that, he said you may not have to spend as much money hiring the professionals to clean up the mess. But you definitely have to act fast.

"I'll tell you what not to do first, don't open your windows," he said.

That's because the humidity outside will make things worse. You also want to get water out and a fan blowing in the flooded area as soon as possible.

While guys like Rod have expensive equipment that help find moisture in carpets and walls, there are some tools you can get at a fraction of the cost that can accomplish the same thing.

"It's a little simpler but it has probes that you can stick in (the area), and it will pick up the moisture," he said when describing a moisture monitor.

The tool costs about $30 to $50 at many big box stores, he said.

The biggest worry, of course is mold which experts say can appear in 24 to 48 hours and that's when you may need a professional because time is not on your side.

"The clock has already started ticking when they've discovered it," he said.

Here are more tips from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


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