Grow with KARE: Get your plants vacation ready

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It's almost February and then March and it's time to get out of town, but who's going to take care of your little babies while you're gone?

We've got to get them ready.

So, there are a few things. The first thing is if you've got cactus or succulents, water them before you leave. They can go for weeks at a time without it.

  • So we've got a cookie sheet with some glass marbles or rocks on it with a little water. You don't want to put any water above the rocks or stuff. And then you just put the plant right on top, you can group them together. Take the trays off so the water makes contact with the bottom of the plant.

  • Trick number two is super easy and very cost effective. Just take a full water bottle without the cap and just stick it in the plant upside down. The water will be taken out as the plant needs it. There are a few little gadgets to help you out with this. A clay spike from Bachmann's is one of them. The water bottle screws into it and you stick that into the plant.

But what if you have a large plant that you want to take care of and you might not be able to do this...

  • By putting in the tub or a big sink, what you do is put in a towel. You soak the towel and then you just place the plant on top.

  • For a fun science-y way to do it. Tie a piece of kitchen string to a bolt or other heavy small object. Put the bolt into a container of water, like a vase. Stick the other end of the string 2-3" in the soil of your plant. The water will travel slowly down the string into the plant while you are gone. You can even have several strings coming from one vase to different plants. The key trick here is that you water source should be sitting at a higher level than your plant so the water travels downhill.

These tricks will work for seven to ten days. They should take care of your plants wonderfully. Any longer and you might want to hire someone to water your plants while your gone. Have a great vacation!


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