Grow with KARE: Sprucing up the KARE 11 Backyard!

MINNEAPOLIS - We waited a little too long to decorate our KARE 11 Backyard, but we finally got around to it this week!

That presented a difficult situation with the ground completely frozen! If you find yourself in this position we have some solutions for you.

Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens did a great job dealing with these cold conditions with temperatures below zero and wind chills around -20 degrees below! They did most of the pots indoors with some great greens, magnolia leaves, pine cones, and birch branches. We have a number of flower boxes that were completely frozen so they made some amazing swags with lighted balls incorporated and then just wired them very securely for the winter gales! Heidi really likes to use LED lights because they pull a fraction of the power and they also don't warm up. She put many of them throughout the yard along with lighting a few ice lanterns which look great.

We had a few pots that needed to shine but also could not be brought in and so she used bags of potting soil that were not frozen and then built the pots off of them as she punctured into the bag. She also used drills to loosen up soil with large drill bits. She said hot water really just makes a big mess and doesn't really work that well.

Good luck with your project and of course choosing to do it earlier would of been a smart move overall.

Thanks to Heidi Heiland and her crew.

Belinda and Bobby


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