Grow with KARE: Urban Farm Project

MINNEAPOLIS - This is a story you have to see to believe and really to understand. As the creator says it's a huge science project that is yielding quite a return!

The Urban Farm Projectis a unique farm that was the first in the state to get a license to do this technique of farming. Combine aquaculture which is raising fish with a form of hydroponics in which they are actually using soil that they are creating and you have the Minneapolis Urban Fish Farm.

We interviewed Chad Hebert and he is very proud of what he is doing and really thinks that possibilities are endless. He writes in his new website, "The Urban Farm Project is a Small Plot Intensive Farm located in Minneapolis.

The farm is based around a closed loop, recirculating aquaculture system. We currently have capacity for 13,000 yellow lake perch which serve as a fertilizer for the plants and the plants acting as a means of filtering.

The farm will continue to serve our education and R&D initiative to develop upon current andnew technology.The urban farm project has enjoyed some wonderful co-op partners like PRI, YEA Youth Corps, Science Museum of MN, the Nick Olsen Foundation, WEI, and Growing Power."

They would love to share this with any group that wants to learn about it or help children learn about it.

Good Luck!



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