Grow with KARE: Urban Gardens

MINNEAPOLIS - Urban gardens have been literally sprouting up all over the cities for the last few years. Bobby decided to see what they are up to as finallythe snowpack is melting. We found a couple of urban farms busy on this sunny day in March.

Stone's Throw Urban Farmis hoping to be farming 16 empty lots in Minneapolis this season. We met up with Emily Hanson who showed us their seeding house that had onions growing in it with the help of this interesting set up with compost bins serving as the tables for the trays. Her group also just set up a hoop house last week in the bitter cold and hope if it is dried out to plant their first crop of greens this weekend! They have a CSA that you can sign up for on the bottom of their link above and also have produce at the Mill City Farmer's Market that opens on May 10th. Good luck to this group of urban farmers!

The North End Urban Farmwas our second stop in St. Paul. There we met Cherry Flowers and her partner Tim Page of Page and Flowers. They havethreefarms going on in St. Paul and North Branch. The garden we visited off Maryland will be planted for it's second season this spring. For now they set up a rather big hoop house where they had some children from the area help them plant the first crop of lettuce. They hope this will extend their season. They also have a CSA that you can access through their links above and they also sell at the Mill City Farmer's Market. Cherry wants to let folks know that they are getting some great help from various grants including one from the DNR that they won that built them a huge deer fence to help them with the deer problem on their lot. She also wants to thank Sparc that she calls the heroes of urban agriculture. They went out of their way to make it viable including providing access to city water at their expense.

Bobby and I can't wait to go back during the growing season and see what these folks have growing!



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