Motivation Monday: Avoid energy traps

Motivation Monday: Energy for 'Back-to-School'

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Back to school means busier households.  Maintaining your energy starts with the fuel you put into your body.

Experience Life magazine's September issue outlines energy pitfalls, and food swaps that can help.  Editor-in-Chief Jaime Martin places processed foods at the top of the list.  The magazine says refined carbs and hydrogenated oils can be difficult to digest, leading to fatigue.

Too much sugar can contribute to lower levels of healthy gut bacteria, affecting your metabolism.   Excess caffeine can interfere with sleep-cycles.

Martin says morning is a good time to get off on the right foot.  Skip carb-loaded cereals that digest quickly for something that will sustain you and your children longer.   Protein and healthy fats - a hard boiled egg, avocado, oatmeal with nuts and fresh fruit or seeds can sustain you through the morning.

Mid-morning can bring hunger pangs.  First make sure you're hydrated.  You might just be thirsty.  A bag of cut veggies can offer a nutritious way to fend off hunger.

Fight the post-lunch slump with eating more protein at lunch.  Turkey roll-ups with a whole grain tortilla could be a better choice than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Whole-fat string cheese and bump up healthy fats.  More cut veggies and fruit add fiber.

Toward bedtime cortisol levels should be dropping.  Late night snacking causes your digestive process to fire up, interfering with sleep.  If you are truly hungry- try a small banana with almond butter rather than a bowl of ice cream.




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