Measles shot helps eliminate woman's cancer

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn - Stacy Erholtz battled cancer for 10 years. But now, she says her cancer is in remission after a massive dose of the measles vaccine.

While her journey has been tough, her faith hasn't wavered. After returning from a taping a segment in Los Angeles with "The Doctors," Erholtz stopped by KARE 11 to chat about her journey. She said the show will highlight her treatment.

In May, we told you a massive dose of the measles vaccine, enough to inoculate ten million people, wiped out Erholtz's incurable blood cancer.

Erholtz, 49, of Pequot Lakes, was one of two patients in a Mayo Clinic clinical trial last year using virotherapy. As she sips on a diet Pepsi, she can't stop smiling as she talks about her medical miracle.

"I promise you I have not felt this well, I can't remember how well feeling like this," she said. "Having this amount of energy."

Cancer that attacks the blood, multiple myeloma, nearly stole the mother of three from her children.

"If you go online and read about it I should have left this earth a long, long time ago," she said.

Two multiple myeloma patients were chosen because they are immune-compromised, and can't fight off the measles before it has time to attack cancer. Both had limited previous exposure to measles, and therefore fewer antibodies to the virus, and essentially had no remaining treatment options. Of the two subjects in the study, Stacy was the only one to reach full remission. The other patient's cancer returned after nine months.

But as research continues, Erholtz said her fervent plea is that others battling cancer will experience the happiness she now knows.

"I am filled with joy. I really am. It is interesting because I would say the cancer has made my faith much stronger. I wouldn't give it back."

She said it saddens her to know so many people are still waiting for a cure.

"The Mayo Clinic is opening the phase two trial for the measles study. And there is a waiting list for 15 doses of the measles virus," she said. "There is well over 350 people on this list."


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