Howling sound 'creeps out' St. Paul

ST. PAUL, Minn. - A strange howling sound awakened St. Paul residents Thursday morning.

"It was kind of a howling, kind of a scraping, kind of a metallic sound," said Aaron Buesing.

Trudy Moloney explained it as "kind of a somber music and eerie sounding."

She awoke to the sounds early Thursday morning and did like any woman would, blamed it on her husband. She thought he was watching Olympic figure skating! "So I went out to scold him because he had the t-v on too loud and he was fast asleep on the couch. So then I knew I was hearing things," she laughed.

Another couple was just as befuddled. "We both got up and opened the window cause we were so curious as to what the noise was, because again it was so unique. Something we'd never heard before," added Buesing and his wife.

Buesing works for the Army Corps of Engineers. He and his coworkers put their heads together for an answer. They believe it was most likely coming from ice shifting in the Mississippi River.

"The theory of it being ice and ice scraping up against something makes sense to us as hydrologic engineers. Not that I know for sure that's what it was but it makes sense. Either the ice was cracked and moving against the shear plane or maybe it was moving up against the bridge pier," said Buesing.

Others who heard it suggested coyotes or the wind. Whatever it was, Trudy Maloney was not hearing things.

"It would make a beautiful backdrop to a mystery movie," she said..

Thank you to viewer Rachel Barth and Tim Nelson from MPR News for audio of the strange sounds.


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