Jeannie Thoren revolutionized skiing for women

VAIL, Co. - Jeannie Thoren is considered a pioneer in the skiing world. She's devoted the last thirty years to adapting ski gear to fit a woman's physique.

"Women are built with their tail bones that go back and guys are build forward," says Thoren.

Thoren owns a ski shop in Vail, Colorado. She says it's the only specialized ski shop in the world, devoted exclusively to women.

"I built the first women's ski in 1986 in Austria for Blizzard and then it started the women's ski equipment revolution," says Thoren. "And as skis have gotten shorter, more shape, they've lightened up women's equipment. They have made the boots a lot better."

The right equipment means more comfort as women hit the slopes.

"So what the manufacturer's did is they literally on some women's models have flared the cuff out the top. And that's why I put heel lifts in boots, to get my calf muscle out of the top of the boot," says Thoren

Thoren spends her winters in Colorado, but spends her summers in Duluth.


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