Job tips for new graduates from The Right Staff

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Ted Chalupsky from The Right Staff is back to share the current state of the job market along with tips for new graduates.

Ted says the Class of 2013 may face some challenges with a tough job market at the moment with unemployment remaining high for young college grads. Here are some tips he gives for new graduates:

  • A strong resume'

You've spent four years or more building your knowledge. So why aren't employers clamoring for your services? The problem new graduates face is that hiring managers are more interested in what you can do for them than what you did in school. So use your resume to convince employers that your academic success is transferable to the workplace. After putting together your resume, it's beneficial to have someone else review it. Resumes should be spotless when it comes to errors, and having an extra pair of eyes look at it will ensure typos are corrected. Try getting feedback from your college career center, your parents and even your friends. They will also be able to help you point out your best skills and personality traits.

  • LinkedIn profile

If you're a college grad who doesn't have a job yet, spending your summer searching can be terrifying. At least you can use all that time at your parents' place to do something you're probably doing anyways: hang out on social media. LinkedIn helps you meet people in your field, connect professionally with fellow alumni, and create a personal brand.

  • Target specific companies or industries

The biggest job-search mistake new grads make is to hit the market without a clear direction. Let's say your new degree is in marketing. Do you want to do marketing for a consumer products firm or an accounting firm? Employers need to see direction and focus. Also, evidence shows the best way to find a job is to target potential employers and go after them, whether they have jobs posted or not. Identify 15 - 20 employers or organizations that appeal to you from a career perspective. This list may change as you start putting your plan into action. But a target list is a good starting place.

  • Work with a reputable recruiter

When working with arecruiter do enough research prior to initial contact and make sure that the firm deals with jobs that you may like. Only engage with recruiters who do not charge the job applicants or actively push resume services or other job seeking consulting services before they consider you for a job.

The Right Staff has offices located in Edina, Maple Grove, and St. Paul. To find out more information and to contact them visit their website at


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