Jordan senior aces both academics and athletics

JORDAN, Minn. - The students in the classroom react with different degrees of confidence when their instructor begins to rapidly converse in Spanish, but, there is no hesitation in Jordan High School Senior Drew Decorsey.

When asked a question or given the opportunity to write a response on the smart board Drew responds quickly and confidently.

The source of Drew's confidence is two-fold. One, she is smart. She carries a 4.0 GPA and has a place in the National Honor Society. But, Drew's confidence also comes from the tennis court, where she's been a member of H Jordan's Varsity since the 7th grade, and she hasn't lost a match in conference play in the last 3-years.

Drew is also a leader inside Jordan High School, having been voted by her peers into the school's Senior Leadership Committee.

Says Drew, "I just work really hard and I study really hard and then, I always have all my friends me a lot too, with homework and stuff, and I always ask questions of teachers and I'll come in early if I need extra help, too."

Drew not only asks for extra help, she's not afraid to give it either. Drew volunteers locally, and is helping the Jordan student body raise money to help the family of U of M baseball coach Todd Oakes who is battling cancer.

"You can just see her having people follow her," says Jordan Athletic Director Jeff Vizenor, "And, she's just somebody that's a strong leader and shows how to do things the right way all the time."

Drew is hoping to earn a return trip to the state tennis tournament this fall, but she's not sure whether or not she'll play in college. She does know she'd like to attend a school close to home and that she hopes to pursue a degree in the medical profession, and we're guessing that when the time comes, she'll ace it.


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