Attendance down at Twins, across MLB

MINNEAPOLIS - If there ever were a night to break stride for the Twins lagging attendance, hosting the Yankees on a picture perfect July 4th eve would be it.

Before the first pitch was thrown on Wednesday night it was clear Target Field would fill its seats.

But in the 40 games prior, that was not at all the case.

In the first 40 games this year the Twins have averaged 30,757 fans a game, that's a 9 percent drop over last season.

"Let's face it, performance counts," Twins Communications Director Kevin Smith of the numbers.

Right now the Twins are in last place, add in an April and May where fans had to dodge snow storms to watch games and factor the fact that league wide attendance is down 3 percent you come up with the question how do seats sell going forward?

Wednesday night the Twins gave a pretty good example, give them more than baseball.

POS, one of the most popular names on the local hip hop scene rapped before the game and in a few innings down the stretch and post game everyone at Target Field got to see a fireworks show.

"Putting all these things together helps attract attendance especially when it has been waning the past year or two," Smith said.

And it's not just boo hoo on the Twins.

The powerhouse Yankees seats are selling the same either.

This season the Yanks attendance is down more than 6 percent than it was at this time last year.

America's past-time is at times falling victim to Americans with less time, to pass at a ball game.

Right now the Twins rank 11th in attendance percentage in the 30 team Major League Baseball roster.

In terms of affordability of going to a game, the Twins rank 13th out of 30 teams.


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