Family of Woodbury man jailed in UAE speaks out

WOODBURY, Minn. -- The last time Shervon Cassim saw his brother Shezanne "Shez" Cassim was in June in an Abu Dhabi prison.

"He's going stir crazy in his prison cell because there's nothing for him to do to pass the time," Shervon said.

Shez and several of his friends have been in jail for almost nine months for posting a parody video to Youtube. Pleas for the United Arab Emirates government to release him have gone unheard. On Monday, after postponing sentencing six times, a judge finally sentenced Shez to one year in prison, a fine and deportation.

Shervon says his family hasn't been told of a release date or if his brother will get credit for time served.

"We're afraid that this is going to be yet another delay in this process where the court delays even notifying us of what the formal sentence is," Shervon said.

But Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), who has been in touch with the family, is hopeful he will be released sooner than later.

"The U.S. ambassador today told me that he thought he would get credit which would be helpful. But the other hope we have is that he was sentenced to deportation and we're hoping that he could be deported before his sentence ends," Klobuchar said.

Meanwhile Shervon says his family will continue sitting by the phone waiting for news of his brother's return.

"We just wanted him home. We just wanted him out of jail," Shervon said.


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