Family pleas for return of digital memories

Thieves steal digital memories

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. – On Monday, Josh and Lara Hendlin were doing what most anyone would be doing. They were at work. Their kids were at daycare. Their house was locked.

Josh came home and noticed the house a mess.

“I was on the phone with her and said, 'Hey, did you pull out all your jewelry boxes and put those on the bed?'”

The answer from Lara was no. The rest Josh noticed quickly. The baby monitor cameras ripped off the wall, the drawers pulled out and stuff thrown around. He knew their house had been broken in to.

“It was like someone had punched me in the stomach,” Lara says. What the thief or thieves got away with was a computer, gaming system, camera and iPad. Just "stuff" both Lara and Josh say -- but stuff full of family photos, memories and the birth photos of their two kids.

Lara took to Facebook and shared a post in hopes that whomever broke in to their home may read it.

To the men who robbed my house today...
You will likely never get this letter, but I need to speak my mind anyway. You entered my home today while my family was away. You parked your car next to my house and snuck through my back yard where my kids' toys cluttered the yard. You broke a window and decided to sack our house for a few quick bucks. You dug through drawers mixed with my kids' toys, my clothes, my jewelry and you found a few items that would be good to sell... you found our laptops, cameras, iPads, and gaming system. You found some stuff, but what you may not realize is that you also found priceless digital memories that I will forever miss... within my laptop are design projects I've worked on for family and friends over the last 5 years... pictures of my life with my fiancé, turned husband, turned father of my two babies. Pictures of my daughter as she grew from a tiny baby to a precocious 3-year-old... pictures that are not backed up or saved except for the laptop you now have in your possession... pictures I had hoped to share with her as she grows older... at her graduation, with her future partner, at her wedding... Oh and my son, I didn't mention my son! That camera you stole has a SIM card loaded with pictures I have taken of him every month for the last 11 months documenting his growth. It's his first birthday next week and I had 1 more photo to take to complete the set of his first year. I was so excited to print them for his first birthday party to share with our family and friends, but you robbed me of this too. The stuff you took is just stuff to you, but the memories contained within the stuff are completely irreplaceable to me.
If, by some miracle, you come across this letter please know that you can keep the hardware... it means nothing to me in isolation. But, if you have any ounce of decency, I implore you... don't toss the SIM card, back up my laptop before you wipe it clean, and mail my memories back to me. You know where I live...
-the mom who lives across from Jersey Park




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