Happy Birthday: iPod turns 10

MINNEAPOLIS --Originally called Electronics Associates, the computer store now known as First Tech in Uptown Minneapolis, started out as a television and radio repair business.

Specializing in portable, transistor radios, the store changed as technology did. Out went the radios, and in came the computers.

The store became a computer retail and repair shop in the 1980's. To this day computers comprise much of their business, but as technology sometimes tends to do, 10 years ago First Tech's business sort of came full circle.

"When they first announced these," said First Tech's Fred Evans as he held an iPod,"they announced them at $399 and my first thought was who was going to pay 400 dollars for a portable music player."

Apple's iPod returned portable music to the showroom floor and despite any initial doubt, it forever changed the way we listen to music.

"I'm always listening to it when I walk around campus," said Sam Beutel.

These days you can go to any college and if you spot the ear buds, it's likely connected to an iPod.

Digital downloads on websites like iTunes have now become the norm, to the tune of more than 10 billion songs sold. As for the iPod, sales number more than 300 million units.


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