Kolstad returns to Mankato for visit

MANKATO, Minn. - In a journey of recovery marked by steps both forward and backward, Isaac Kolstad celebrated a major event in his recovery from a serious brain injury by returning home.

Kolstad and his wife Molly traveled from the facility where he is rehabbing in the Twin Cities to Mankato, where he saw the doctors who helped save his life, visited co-workers at Fastenal, and took in a football practice at the University of Minnesota at Mankato.

Molly Kolstad wrote on Isaac's Caring Bridge site that they walked into MCHS-Mankato Hospital for an appointment and the doctors who treated him for severe injuries sustained in an after-bar brawl were incredibly surprised to see how far Issac has come in his recovery.

"I don't think I will ever get the imagine of their heads peaking out of their offices with smiles so wide and bright with excitement," Molly Kolstad wrote. "Isaac had a scan on his brain during our visit and the areas of potential concern with excess fluid have resolved themselves almost completely. His neurosurgeons were impressed with the progress he has made and the amount of healing his body and his brain have be able to accomplish from the night of his injury."

His wife reports that Issac Kolstad has ditched the support belt he has used while walking, determined to do it on his own. Molly Kolstad describes walking into Blakeslee Stadium to watch his former teammates practice, and actually going down on the field to take part in some drills as the Mavericks prepare for their opening game against St. Cloud State.

"It didn't take him long to hop on the field and try out some drills," wrote Kolstad's wife. "Back peddling, getting low, high knees, and a little running were some he was able to do with them. Then at the end of practice he sent the team off with a cheer, a little motivation, for their upcoming game against St. Cloud! Good luck, boys."

While Kolstad is showing significant improvement physically, his speech continues to lag. Molly Kolstad says Issac knows the words he wants to say but can't get all of them out, leading him to wave his arms and gesture, which can be confusing.


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