Mpls. company named one of best places to work

MINNEAPOLIS -- Clockwork Active Media Systems was thrust into the national spotlight recently when NBC Nightly News featured the company as one of the best places in the nation to work.

The company's lenient schedules and vacation policy highlight the human-centered approach to its business model.

Sitting down with Nancy Lyons, the CEO of Clockwork Active Media Systems in Minneapolis is hardly like sitting down with the mean old boss because with almost every question and answer exchange, she starts laughing.

That's a pretty good snapshot of Clockwork as a whole.

The wildly successful 13-year-old tech firm is fun -- largely because the motto there isn't just to have a work life balance; it is, rather, to have a life, and the work will be better for it.

"When we started, we started with the intention of doing good work and having great lives and that's what we are doing," Lyons said.

It sounds simple but that simple message, accessorized by the nuggets that, yes, your kid can come to work with you, yes, vacation days aren't tracked and yes, you can enjoy a beer while you code an app for a client, all of that hit a chord.

"Yes hundreds of people have applied from all over the country," Lyons said, shocked by the influx of attention the company has received in the last several days.

Former military people, interior designers, waiters and even a letter came in from a kid.

"He was tech support for his seventh grade class, for five years running and he codes in a couple of languages, and we should hire him because we would never regret it," Lyons said, recalling the young man's letter.

Just ask the already official Clockworkers, they love it too.

"They aren't lying when they say they totally respect and empower people, which you don't totally understand or feel until you are in that environment," Clockworker Lyz Nagan said.

The national story clocked in at just under three minutes of air time.

And the result?

Hundreds of people applied to clock in for work at a little business that prides itself on working towards a life-balance.


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